I created A Joyful Pause to help you fill your life with more connection. These practices are here to help you bring more of your whole self into your life every day, and to feel the love that is always there, just under the surface of our experiences.

There is a pervasive sense of disconnect in the world, as we've forgotten our fundamental interconnectedness. Why? There is not an easy answer to that, but I see one of the roots as the externalization of everything. Our awareness is constantly flowing out and it is tough to remember to turn our awareness back in. When we don't tend to our inner life, we start to feel emotionally and spiritually impoverished. Our internal landscape creates the way we see the world. As we begin to take time nourish our inner life, that fullness spills out into our relationships with others, making it easier to act with kindness and love.


Training ourselves to pause can be helpful. We can practice taking a few moments out of each day to turn our awareness back inward. The practices that restore body, mind, and connection to spirit take time, and they ask us to create a bit of quiet and some internalization. A Joyful Pause is structured to help make this easy for you to do.

When done with full presence, and with a pause for breath and inner awareness after the practice, you may experience a sense of internal warmth, love, and contentment so palpable it feels like you could reach out and touch it.


A Joyful Pause is about coming home to yourself. Have you noticed that everything is changing? Work has shifting demands, home life is busy, and the world is constantly changing.  It's a great time to find the place in each of us that is steady in the midst of change. In that place, we find a deep connection to our own hearts. The connection we seek is in the pause, and through that connection, we come to know that we are home.

In my personal experience, tending to my inner life required finding time each day to pause, and in that pause I often found a pulsing sense of joy. I chose things that were fun and that I could do in a few minutes every day, so that it wasn't a huge time commitment. Consciously creating and attending to the pause became the way I rebuilt my relationship to myself, and the way I felt whole and strong regardless of the external circumstances. If you want this for yourself, I hope you'll join me on this journey.